Healthy Plan

From: $10.00 / month

Serves 6 - 8

Healthy Plan

From: $10.00 / month

This menu plan makes feeding your family healthy dinners a piece of cake (figuratively of course)! Each recipe has around 500 calories or less per serving and will be sure to please the whole family.

The Healthy Menu Plan Includes:

  • A week at a glance
  • 6 main dish recipes
  • 2 side dish recipes
  • 1 snack/treat recipe
  • Detailed shopping list



Product Description

If you are trying to eat healthier, lose a few pounds, or just want to keep track of your calories without having to prepare a separate meal for your kids then this is the perfect menu plan for you. Each Friday you’ll receive an email with your menu plan and shopping list.


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37 reviews for Healthy Plan

  1. Flor Reina

    Great recipes

  2. Paula Abbott


  3. Neth Policar

    Delicious and healthy ?

  4. Neth Policar

    Delicious and healthy meals…. ?

  5. Shirley Harkness

    I have never found one of the sisters’ recipes I didn’t like. Trying to eat healthy some of the time.

  6. Yana

    Sounds delicious ?

  7. Kate (verified owner)

    I love these healthy menu plans! Aside from the benefit of time and money, it has solved some of our biggest challenges we face with food and meals! Having the nutrition facts for each meal has been a lifesaver for me! Since we have health needs that require us to eat a lower sodium and lower carb diet, before the menu plans I would spend hours, (not kidding) looking for meals, and measuring out each ingredient. Now with the meal plan, there are so many choices that I don’t have to worry so much about checking into everything! True, there are a few that we can’t eat due to our dietary restrictions, but 90% of the time it works for us! Also…. they Taste Amazing!!! And its Healthy!! Thank you!

  8. allison heiner (verified owner)

    I’ve always loved Six Sisters recipes. You can always plan on it being delicious. Even my husband, a meat and potatoes man who hates to try anything new, is loving this. It encourages me to actually cook meals 🙂 The menu plan and shopping list is awesome. The planning is already done for you. Thanks, Six Sisters, for the time you spend into making this plan so great.

    P.S. I absolutely LOVE that the nutritional information is listed on each recipe so I can calculate Weight Watchers Smart Points!

  9. Julie (verified owner)

    I have been getting the Healthy Menu Plans for several weeks now. These menu plans have been a life saver for me! I hate menu planning in the first place so these plans have simplified my life considerably! I love not having to search through Pinterest boards and recipe books to try to come up with a menu plan that doesn’t include the same 10 meals. I always managed to forget one or two key ingredients while shopping before the Sisters’ made it SO convenient with the included shopping lists. My husband is diabetic so I really appreciate the nutrition information for each recipe. My family is loving the variety, and I am loving how much easier dinner time is. I’m a nurse and after working a 13 hour shift, the last thing I want to do when I get home is try to find and make something for dinner. Knowing ahead of time makes it easier for my husband and daughter to make dinner on those busy nights. We are a family of 3 so I either adjust the ingredients to make less servings, or we just eat the leftovers for lunch the next day. This menu plan is well worth the money!! Thank you six sisters’ stuff, you have a subscriber for life!

  10. Adrianna

    Six Sisters came into my life at the perfect time! I was spending a couple hours trying to be creative with my family’s weekly dinner menu and then making a grocery list. I loathed the process! Six Sisters has given me this time back! My family loves the meals! Realistic ingredients, easy, affordable, and delicious! I brag about your meal plans as often as possible! Thank you

  11. Kristin (verified owner)

    I love this plan! As a working mom it has been a huge blessing. This plan has eliminated the hours spent searching Pinterest for dinner recipes and it has reduced how much I spend at the grocery store. The recipes are also quick and easy to prepare. My family and I love the recipes.

  12. Melanie Neels (verified owner)

    We have been LOVING the meals! Even when I figure that I have cooked a bit more than we need for that night (because of a late lunch or snacks or whatever) the kids eat all of it!
    Sometimes I even make a bit extra by adding a few more veggies to be able to get some leftovers in my Hubbies lunch! All his co-workers are checking to see what he has today ( and drooling;)
    The fact that I can get groceries once a week and have EVERYTHING I need is wonderful too! There is no waste and there are ALL HAPPY faces:)
    This is certainly a time saver! Preparation is usually under 20 min (depending on how my kiddos are playing) but you can prep a lot in the morning before they get too cranky:)
    I definitely recommend this to anyone no matter how busy or relaxed your life is:)

  13. Carla Chevez (verified owner)

    I can not say enough good things about the “healthy meal plan”. About 9 months ago I decided to push a more healthy lifestyle with my family. In the past I would cook a meal for the family and then throw something “healthy” together for me, but it never seemed very satisfying. I have purchased a number of the six sisters recipe books and have found their recipes to be very good , straight forward and easy. When I found the meal plan I decided to give it a try. The shopping list was a huge draw to me, as well as the idea of having a set menu plan (no thinking required). I am now in my third month… AND LOVING IT!!! Not only does it make meal planning and prep so much easier, the food is delicious (really delicious). Not only do I love the food, so does my husband and children. I have recommended this plan to almost all the women in my life… With the shopping list it makes it very easy to order your groceries on line. I go, pick up my groceries and now I have a week worth of meals, with out going to the grocery store or planning a menu.

  14. bnytates (verified owner)

    Beyond amazing!!! I get to have someone tell me what I’m cooking AND grocery list!??!? Saves me so much time each week! the recipes are always great and the kids eat it up too! We have had no complaints on any of the meals so far! I love getting the plan in my email and I go through my week and decide if I need all 6 meals that week and cross out what items I do not need from the store! This is a blessing that I needed in my life right now! So much going on with kids in school, work, kids sports-I don’t hate thinking what is for dinner anymore! just choose which dinner I know I have the groceries for and the choice is done! No stressing all day wondering what to cook and not coming up with anything so we have cereal 😉 Thank you for putting all the work in for me!!!

  15. Kelly Gibbons (verified owner)

    I’m only a couple weeks in but i’m loving all the meals so far!! It has made our weeknight meals more of a breeze and we aren’t eating the same thing over and over again. I love that all the meals are quick and easy to make too!!

  16. isabelista207 (verified owner)

    Hi! I’ve subscribed to the Healthy Plan and its AMAZING!!! I love cooking but can get in the rut of eating the same things over and over again. I just download it, look at the shopping list, open a new window, add groceries to my cart and have a grocery delivery service bring them to me. I am just so grateful and highly recommend you try it. Thank you for putting this together for me Six Sisters!!

  17. lizhasfour (verified owner)

    I am a busy mom of 4, all with various extracurricular activities that we are shuffling between. My husband is in the military so it’s often just me making meals and I need quick and easy! I LOVE the convenience of these meal plans, the meals are delicious (and I haven’t had one yet that my picky kids didn’t like) and they are quick & easy to make! I have converted a few of them to instant pot recipes to be even easier for me to use! Absolutely love this plan, worth every penny!

  18. kscook66 (verified owner)

    I was getting so tired of the same question everyone in my family had every single day “What is for dinner”. Thank you so much for answering this question for us. I hate cooking but with your healthy plan, I am learning to love it. The dinners are really easy to make and they are all so good. Now my family is asking what is for dinner and I can easily tell them and love it. I can also tell them to get it started before I get home. Thank you Thank you. You have made my life so much easier.

  19. elizabeth.jarrell.08 (verified owner)

    I don’t like cooking. I don’t like meal planning. I work full time outside the home, have 3 kids and a husband who is in the National Guard and gone on weekends a lot and sometimes during the week. Mealtimes always stressed me out and menu planning took so much effort. I’ve been doing the healthy meal plan for 3 weeks now and LOVE it! The recipes are delicious, easy to make, go together quickly (a must after a busy day working or with kids) and the best part….my kids actually eat them! My 5 year old has told me every night at dinner “This is really good mom, thank you for making it!” THANK YOU for making my life easier and making it so I no longer dread mealtime at the end of the day!

  20. Stephanie (verified owner)

    My toddlers AND my husband approve of these recipes, therefore I approve and give them FIVE STARS!!! Love the convenience of the meal plan system too!

  21. csheralee (verified owner)

    My family loves these meals. I’m always excited to get my new plan and see what’s on the menu. So far we have loved every recipe. These make my life as a busy mom so much easier.

  22. goaggies_2000 (verified owner)

    We were a little nervous to try the meal plans because there are some things on there that aren’t our “regulars”. But my family has loved every meal! This is so handy, and my grocery bill went way down because I had a plan!! So glad I did this!

  23. tveitch28 (verified owner)

    The Healthy Plan has been a great hit with my WHOLE family. I’ve been using Six Sisters’ meal planning for almost a year and I don’t know how I ever did it without them. I add a few things to the list and order my groceries online. So convenient! These recipes allow me to put a healthy meal on the table no matter how busy things get and best of all…it’s always delicious!

  24. Arielle (verified owner)

    Our family has loved all of these healthy recipes and meal plans! Great for my kiddos and myself! Thank you for this wonderful meal plan program!

  25. melissa.bottorff (verified owner)

    I love and appreciate how these recipes call for items I usually have in my kitchen. It keeps my shopping list to a minimum. So far, I have really liked everything I’ve made because cooking is not a talent of mine. Thank you!

  26. staceyandjar (verified owner)

    I have been very impressed by the weekly menus. It saves so much time, energy and money week after week. Our family agrees that we have not had a recipe that we have not liked(even that we are using the Healthy option). The kids love taking turns making the dinners and feel like they are now chefs! Awesome job Six Sisters!

  27. stml44 (verified owner)

    I started my subscription about 8 months ago and just filed them away. I didn’t even use them until one day I was just frustrated by taking so long to look for a variety of recipes for the week and I came across the printed copies of the Six Sisters’ menu plans -(Talk about making it more difficult than I needed! ) I started with that weeks recipes and I am hooked!!! It could not be easier! The meals are delicious with alot of flavoring and spices! My husband loves having a dessert too:) There are 3 of us in the household and I got the Healthy 6-8 servings and we use the leftovers for lunches! Thank you for making it so simple, Sisters!

  28. rememorydesigns (verified owner)

    So excited about this plan. Saves me so much time and the subscription price is easily regained using the grocery list. Win-win!!!! Thank you for such an amazing subscription

  29. wldhthr (verified owner)

    These meals have all been delicious so far and it’s nice to have someone else do all the planning for me!

  30. Kristyn Stephens (verified owner)

    We are three weeks in and loving this menu plan. We were stuck on a rut of the same boring meals or never having a plan for dinners. This makes dinner time a breeze! Thanks six sisters!!!

  31. Hollychlian (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the meal plans and I also the convenience of the grocery list that comes with it. I also love that if you don’t like or want a recipe you can remove it and it removes the stuff from your grocery list. Makes my life easier!

  32. lpysklywyc (verified owner)

    Great recipes and takes the guess work out of what to cook for supper.

  33. hepzie (verified owner)

    My favorite part is I don’t have to plan anything! I love how easy and healthy the recipes are and there is no compromising on taste. I also got a year of the standard plan, which I also love. No matter how you do it Six Sister is a win!

  34. Rachael DeAngelo (verified owner)

    These meal plans make it so simple to plan family dinners and grocery shopping! There is a great variety so everyone can find something that they like. We have found several new family favorite meals! Thanks Six Sisters!

  35. Nicole Fisher (verified owner)

    When you get to eat something YUMMY for UNDER 500 calories, that’s winning! You won’t be disappointed!! Get your plan NOW!

  36. K Turek (verified owner)

    The worst part of making dinner for me has always been deciding what to make… Problem Solved! Six Sisters has my back now. I love the variety. I love having the list of ingredients I’ll need. My kids love that we aren’t eating “breakfast for dinner” every night anymore.

  37. Christy Ryan (verified owner)

    I have always hated cooking! I didn’t realize what I hate most is deciding what to make and then making the same things over and over again. I love when the plan comes and seeing what is coming up for next week. I load up the items up in my grocery cart app and meals are planned for the week. A surprising thing is I would have normally not considered certain recipes assuming my teenagers wouldn’t have eaten them. But, since it’s on the plan…I just go for it and I have been SHOCKED how well my kids have eaten! We’re a family of 4 but I do the 6-8 Healthy Plan and they haven’t taken one sandwich to school all year because they love the leftovers. Another thing I’ve noticed is each week there is a variety of ways to make meals which really work for our schedule! For example, one night of the week I need a crockpot meal as we’re coming in late from activities. Another weeknight I need something to throw in the oven as I run pick up a child and then its ready when we get back. Another night we need a quick make in the skillet meal. So I love that variety…it’s so helpful! There’s so much great stuff each week I’ve just made a habit of making everything once and throwing the recipe away…however…I’m going to have to go back and re-print as my son is “craving things” I made weeks ago! lol

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