Healthy (Serves: 2-4)

From: $10.00 / month

Serves 2-4

Healthy (Serves: 2-4)

From: $10.00 / month

With 500 calories or less per serving, these recipes are the perfect blend of healthy and delicious!

The Smaller Family Healthy Plan Includes:

  • A week at a glance
  • 6 main dish recipes
  • 2 side dish recipes
  • 1 snack/treat recipe
  • Detailed shopping list



Product Description

Have a family of 2-4 people and want to eat healthier? You’re in luck because we have the perfect solution! Guilt-free, delicious meals your whole family will love!  Each Friday you’ll receive an email with your menu plan and shopping list.


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95 reviews for Healthy (Serves: 2-4)

  1. Tammy

    These plans are amazing! Easy and very reasonably priced. Highly recommend any of their plans!!!

  2. kahaleea.outhier (verified owner)

    My family loves this meal plan! Easy, delicious, fresh and makes a good amount to allow for leftovers for lunch or another dinner. Thank you so much!

  3. carrie_shearin (verified owner)

    These have been really easy to cook and I love the slow cooker meals options on busy days. We’ve had this for two weeks now and meal planning and grocery shopping is a breeze. Plus, my family likes the meals! Good purchase for sure.

  4. lindsaysalapka (verified owner)

    I enjoy cooking but struggle to find the time (or desire) to meal plan. It’s also challenging to spend long periods of time in the kitchen with two small children needing my attention.
    The weekly meal plans have made dinnertime in our household a wonderful experience! The meals are delicious and can be prepped in 15 minutes or less….a major added bonus is that each meal is healthy!

  5. kmcar1129 (verified owner)

    Love these recipes

  6. pabeazer38 (verified owner)

    I always knew that the planning was the hardest part of meal preparation. Now that we are only “two” that is especially true. This plan allows me peace of always knowing what to fix and having the ingredients on hand and still have the flexibility to add my own “touch” occasionally. Thanks to my family for this gift.

  7. chrislynfriestad (verified owner)

    Planning for two adults and a picky two-year-old was difficult for me. Then, I signed up for this plan and my view of planning drastically changed for the better. We love the recipes and that they are not only healthy, but tasty too. Thank you for coming out with the menu plans, you have saved many people countless hours of menu planning and meal prep, as well as hundreds of dollars in food costs.

  8. Sydneyrose.stout (verified owner)

    I love these recipes! After getting in a dinner rut for a few years, we are loving the new recipes. I have even had company for dinner and didn’t stress like I usually do because I haven’t had a meal we haven’t liked yet. My only regret is I didn’t sign up sooner.

  9. miknsuzyb4 (verified owner)

    I wish I could express my elation and excitement upon using these recipes each week. I have been dieting since January 1 and was struggling to find recipes on my own that would work while dieting. I stumbled across this website in August and have rediscovered a love for cooking, only this time HEALTHY DELICIOUS MEALS. My husband has loved every meal as well. I have continued to lose weight and am no longer in a rut cooking the same tired meals week after week. I would highly recommend this plan to anyone. In fact, I plan on giving gift subscriptions this Christmas.

  10. Leslie (verified owner)

    This plan has been exactly what I’ve been looking for! They do all the planning for you! It has been amazing for me!

  11. Maria (verified owner)

    This is my first healthy menu and it looks yummy! I can’t wait to make these and test them out. – Maria Whitmarsh

  12. shelly.sanford (verified owner)

    Purchasing this plan has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Makes life so much easier and feeding my family is fun!

  13. kimreinhart6 (verified owner)

    These recipes are simple to make and so delicious! I have most everything already on hand. I have spent less money and less time stressing on meal planning. I LOVE these meals and surprisingly so does my hard-to-please husband and teenage son. The healthy, low calorie meals are a bonus!

  14. heather6 (verified owner)

    Purchasing this plan was a life saver. I was feeling so done with the whole meal planning thing and this has made it easier for me to focus on other things.

  15. Nichole Niklewicz (verified owner)

    These menu plans have simplified and streamlined my weekly planning so much, saving me tons of time figuring out what to cook and what I need from the grocery store! It keeps things new and fresh for my family, my kids like it, and I can customize the days to fit our schedule. I also feel like I’m feeding my family a healthy and nutritious meal. Thank you six sisters!

  16. lcself25 (verified owner)

    This was such a blessing to get this plan. We now do all our shopping one day and we have stuff for meals through the week. They are healthy and something new for our family.

  17. jennifer.scheppmann (verified owner)

    Love the recipes! The meals are healthy, fast, and my family enjoys them! Takes all the work out of meal planning. Very affordable as well! Highly recommend! Even if you don’t use all the recipes for the week, it’s nice to have different ideas to mix up your usual meals.

  18. Amy Allred (verified owner)

    I have loved these meal plans as it takes the stress out of meal planning as well as cooking. Love the grocery list. Simple, but so tasty!

  19. Donna Prendergast (verified owner)

    It has been wonderful to have found this site. I downloaded this week’s planned meals and am actually looking forward to getting in the kitchen again. Our household is just my husband and I, but he is sick (Alzheimer’s, heart problems, diabetic etc.and seems to take up my whole day. Now I don’t have to plan our coming meals and I don’t get caught starting a recipe and finding out I don’t have a particular ingredient. It is so much easier just following this plan. Your meals are well thought out, offer good variety and are so delicious and I don’t have to hit the cookbooks to figure out what will we eat this evening! This is such a life saver. Thanks.

  20. Jennie Nelson (verified owner)

    Meal planning dinners has always been the hardest for me. I felt as if we were always having the same 20 dinners every month. It would take me a couple hours to find something healthy I would like to prepare for our family, and then make the grocery list as well.
    Now that I get a meal plan emailed weekly WITH a grocery list has made meal planning so much quicker! I can now spend those couple hours playing with my kids!
    Your meals are so delicious, well thought out, and offer such a variety of foods. I love trying new recipes every week. This has been such a life saver. Thank you!

  21. paulamcdaniel2012 (verified owner)

    This plan is so amazing. All the work is done for you. Easy to prepare healthy meals and a shopping list. What more could you ask for? I highly recommend!!!

  22. Brandi Campbell (verified owner)

    Our family has enjoyed the new meals we are having! We have the Small Family Healthy Menu Plan. I’m always sharing the plan with friends and telling them how they need to buy it! Life changing! Headache free!

  23. rmday349 (verified owner)

    This small family healthy plan has been perfect for my husband and I. We are both in our 80s and the nutritional value, flavors, and portions are perfect. We have used the recipes with guests who rave about the flavors. The six sisters are making me look very good with very little effort on my part. I especially love the shopping lists, and having new ingredients in our home that I have not used before. Great job girls! Blanche Day

  24. Jenise Carter (verified owner)

    I have been LOVING this plan. It takes away from trying to figure out what to cook for dinner and gives you healthier, lighter meals. I sometimes like to cook a little extra so i have lunch for the next day.

  25. megangraham72 (verified owner)

    Prior to using the Six Sisters Menu planning I would spend about 90 minutes each week scrolling through pinterest or searching my recipes trying to come up with what to feed my family. These meal plans are GAME CHANGERS!! They save you so much time, give you the opportunity to try new recipes that you otherwise wouldn’t have, and I have actually saved so much more money on groceries following these plans because I am committed to actually cook what I buy and we don’t waste food. You need this in your life!

  26. Megan Sikora (verified owner)

    I am so happy I decided to join their menu plan! I used to hate searching for recipes and putting together grocery lists every week only to spend a fortune on ingredients I would most likely never use again. I got used to cooking the same stuff every week with little variety. Since starting the small healthy menu plan I have not had a recipe I haven’t liked! The grocery lists are so convenient and easy to adjust based on ingredients you may already have. I love that I’m enjoying cooking and my boyfriend doesn’t hate that he’s coming home to home cooked dinners most nights!

  27. Amy Meggett (verified owner)

    This plan has been a game changer. My least favorite part of cooking was figuring out what to cook and then compiling a grocery list. This does both for me. Not to mention, the recipes are delicious!

  28. Bev Winegarden (verified owner)

    Making life easier and love trying new recipe, love having a list to shop with.

  29. amy.betenson (verified owner)

    These are great recipes! Family friendly and a hit at my house.

  30. Trisha Pulaski (verified owner)

    I love the great recipes that come to my email each week. It helps to take the guesss work out of menu planning.

  31. desross (verified owner)

    I am so happy I decided to purchase this menu plan! We used to hate trying to come up with something every night and feeling like we were spending a small fortune on ingredients we would probably never use again all with the risk of not liking how it was going to taste when it was cooked. We were so tired of eating the same things every week or eating out way to much. Since starting smaller family healthy menu plan we have not found a recipe we haven’t liked! I love that we are enjoying cooking and eating home cooked meals again. And I love that they are simple enough that my daughter can help me make most of them.

  32. Alicia Barney (verified owner)

    We’re so excited to try the new recipes!

  33. Valerie Chastain (verified owner)

    Love the new ideas for dinner, and the supper easy shopping list. I just wish I knew about this stuff 20 years ago. This 51 year old mama would have been a better cook. But then I would not have the memories of my husband eating all of awful / failed dishes. LOL

    I still put in my easy go to items for dinner that I always have on hand. I just hope I don’t make my husband to fat now, as he always goes more food.

  34. Brooke Hunter (verified owner)

    Perfect plan for me, a busy working mom! Saves me time & money each week because I don’t buy extra things at the store if I use the printable shopping list. Love it!

  35. Molly Silva (verified owner)

    These plans are so easy to shop for and prepare yet the flavors and finished product are what you’d expect from a much more expensive and complicated recipe. Im loving the simplicity and my whole family loves eating the meals! So glad I signed up for this service. Six Sixters Meal Plans are a win-win for my house!

  36. Megan Zendejas (verified owner)

    Thank you for creating these meal plans!! I normally hate going to the grocery store because I get so overwhelmed but having the list with exactly what I need made it SO easy! I’ve only made one meal so far and I’m already obsessed. I have always been intimated by cooking but these meals are simple enough to give me confidence and super delicious!

  37. Courtney Smith (verified owner)

    So great. It makes my life so much easier with my baby. Everything is all planned for me.

  38. jamiepinta (verified owner)

    I am excited to start using these healthy meal plan recipes to get a kick start on my goal to lose weight & feel better in 2020! I started collecting the recipes before the New Year started and so far they’ve been quick & easy meals that my family will love. Thanks for making life easier!

  39. Alyse Huskinson (verified owner)

    I love these recipes! They are easy and simple to follow. The recipes are very family friendly. We started incorporating these into our dinner plan and they are always a hit. I also love the snack or treat recipe that comes with it! Thanks!

  40. Shawna Muchmore (verified owner)

    Just started using these plans. I love the way they make shopping for ingredients easy and the recipes are not crazy hard.

  41. Lisa Tippetts (verified owner)

    So easy and so delicious!

  42. Gloria McCann (verified owner)

    We are doing the Small family healthy dinner plan and I love it! I really like knowing what we will be eating for dinner and the bonus is I already have all of the ingredients in my house, The shopping list is great! We love the variety.

  43. Jess Westhoff (verified owner)

    The small family healthy dinner plan is amazing! I love getting the weekly recipes delivered right to my inbox Friday mornings since I do my grocery shopping over the weekend. Family friendly; our 3 year old has ate every one of their meals I’ve made. These weekly emails have saved me SO MUCH TIME and brain power. I look forward to what Six Sisters is going to come up with each week 🙂

  44. Tracy Mascher (verified owner)

    Small Family Healthy Dinner Plan.
    Easy tasty meals for two. We are starting our second week. impressed by how ingredients and cooking methods fit with how we cook and what we like to eat. First week shopping was kind of overwhelming but, second week looks a lot more manageable.

  45. Samantha Roberts (verified owner)

    LOVE my Six Sisters Healthy Menu Plan! My husband and I work full-time and this takes the stress out of trying to plan healthy meals for my family for the week. My son enjoys the food and I also like seeing the nutritional facts that comes with the healthy plan. Would recommend this program hands down!! Thank you for saving me time and making my life easier.

  46. Laurie Hyde (verified owner)

    We just finished our first week and we are hooked! This menu plan/grocery list takes all of the guesswork out of the “what’s for dinner?” routine that we seem to get into every night. Plus, everything is simply YUMMY!

  47. Krista Johnson (verified owner)

    My family and I love this meal plan. I have a picky eater and she has eaten every meal. My favorite part is that I don’t have to decide what is for dinner. It is all planned out for me. I recommend six sister meal plan to anyone.

  48. Isabel Amante (verified owner)

    These are super easy and very quick to make! Sometimes it helps to just have recipes sent to you rather than looking online or buying cookbooks. I especially like that there’s a variety of recipes from appetizers, main entrées and even snacks and desserts. It really does push me to try making new dishes every week!

  49. Katy Muth (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these weekly emails. I am excited to meal plan and cook dinner for my family – how amazing is that?! Every recipe is healthy, easy, and delicious. I never have to buy weird ingredients that I will only use once, and everyone loves my cooking! Thank you Six Sisters Stuff.

  50. Meg Marchand (verified owner)

    Just completed my first week of the healthy plan. Husband and I LOVED IT. Not only is it reassuring to know we’re eating healthier each week, but the recipes are so easy to follow and the grocery lists are a life saver. The meals are delicious and I’m already excited to see some repeats 🙂 . Thank you!

  51. Karen Hamblin (verified owner)

    I have loved these recipes….all the thinking is done for me- and they’re perfect for me and my husband. Thanks so much, it makes cooking for 2 so easy after years of cooking for a family- it’s a bit of an adjustment in the kitchen! lol The weekly planned meals have helped me so much.

  52. Joni Frye (verified owner)

    I have been 2 weeks into my meal plans and I love it I’ve tried the recipes and my family love them they are so tasty. I was skeptical about getting menu plans because what If something wasnt on there I didn’t like but with the first plans you get to the next week I got so many recipes. I wasnt frustrated going to the store trying to remember everything and getting what I needed for the same ol dinners I would fix. hoping I would get all the right stuff, I had my list got everything I needed and was out the door easy quick and a lot cheaper than my trips to the store usually is. Plus the emails I get about tips really help before I get ready to cook I get out all my ingredients out first then whip my dinner up.. it’s not such a hassle and I can tell my family with no stress what we are having for dinner tonight! So thank you !!!!!

  53. Crissa Bronson (verified owner)

    I love the variety in recipes. I’ve been able to find plenty of new meals that my young kids will eat and on top of that celebration (no more “please just try it”) grocery shopping is made so easy with the prepared list! I love the ability to customize the menu plan in case there is a recipe that I know won’t work for my family and rhe fact that the ingredients are automatically removed from my shopping list is incredible. So happy with this subscription!

  54. Brie Reed (verified owner)

    These meals are seriously so awesome. I feel like I’m cooking more these days! Thank you, thank you!

  55. Amanda Kehl (verified owner)

    We just signed up for the meal plans a couple weeks ago and they have been AMAZING!!! Everything has been delicious and easy to make. I have two young boys and they have eaten everything! Thank You Ladies!!!!

  56. Chelsie Guymon (verified owner)

    This meal plan is making my life so much easier! And it’s also saving me money, because I’m not eating out as much. Woohoo!

  57. Calli Thomas (verified owner)

    Have been loving the small version healthy plan. So far everything I’ve cooked has been good.

  58. Kaylene Moran (verified owner)

    I love this meal plan! I was running out of ideas and I was getting tired of searching through Pinterest for hours trying to find new and healthy recipes that my husband and I would love. But this meal plan makes it so easy! I love that the recipes are healthy but really delicious! My husband and I have loved trying new recipes and I’m already starting to feel so much better from eating healthier. The price is definitely worth it since I feel like we are saving money by not eating out. I also love that these recipes include a lot of ingredients that I already have in my pantry or that they will use the same ingredients in the other recipes throughout the week so I feel like I’m also saving money at the grocery store. I’m very happy with this subscription!

  59. Isabel Amante (verified owner)

    I look forward to getting these plans in my inbox every Friday! As someone who is soon to be married I am loving that I have added many of these recipes to my folder of go-to’s when I’m in need of a quick and hearty meal, treat, or snack throughout the week. Super happy with this subscription and makes menu planning much easier!

  60. Renee Pearson (verified owner)

    I am SO happy I found this meal plan!! It’s been the best thing for my family. It has delicious meals that are amazingly simple to cook! And the shopping lists are organized so well, getting the things I need from the store is a breeze. My family has loved every single recipe!

  61. Charlotte Faller (verified owner)

    Love this healthy meal plan! It is making dinner and shopping so much easier! My husband loves to cook and is a total food snob so I hesitated to do the meal plan but he LOVES the recipes and he is so hard to please! We have been spending so much less weekly and eating healthier!

  62. Abby Cervenka (verified owner)

    We have really enjoyed these meal plans! The recipes are easy to follow and delicious!

  63. Macey Bryce (verified owner)

    Love all the yummy food. I also love that we get a dessert a week and a side included. Makes for a fun meal plan.

  64. Lauren Palazzolo (verified owner)

    Just received my first healthy menu plan after years of struggling to get organized with grocery shopping and meal planning on my own with 2 semi picky kiddos. We are so excited to simplify and cook whole healthy meals! Woo Hoo!

  65. Tina Nussbaum (verified owner)

    Simple. Streamlined. Healthy. Stress-relieving! My menu- planning went from complicated to simply done for me!!!
    And I LOVE the recipes!!

  66. Calli Thomas (verified owner)

    Love the menu plans. I now have some favorite ‘go too meals. So happy I chose to try your menu plans. And, love the Instagram live recipes too.

  67. Kelly (verified owner)

    Love the smaller family healthy menus!! Easy recipes!! I now love going into the kitchen and cooking!! Thank you Six Sisters for making my life so much easier!!

  68. Bobbi Jo Eslick (verified owner)

    I use Six Sisters menu plan weekly. I love the healthy menu plan and some of the recipes have become staples. I love that they share tutorials on Instagram as well. Love these women and my plan!

  69. Crystal Wooldridge (verified owner)

    I look forward to my meal plan menu every week! It makes dinner and the dreaded task of grocery shopping so much easier. The recipes are simple to follow and taste great! Thank you Six Sisters for making this mama’s life easier.

  70. Aubrey Roper (verified owner)

    I love this menu plan! It is so easy, convenient, and yummy!! The recipes are simple, but taste SO good! I’m so glad I stumbled onto the 6 Sisters page because some of these recipes have become my go-to meals!

  71. Jackie Lembke (verified owner)

    Easy recipes, easy to find ingredients and my husband loves the food.

  72. Linda Sparks (verified owner)

    I am enjoying getting these menus and trying new dishes. Some have been excellent and very tasty and easy to prepare. Some I haven’t tried as they don’t appeal to our palates. I will probably eventually try most of them. Thanks for making cooking fun!

  73. Abby White (verified owner)

    If I could give this 10 stars – I would! I got the healthy meal plan and my family and I have yet to find a recipe we don’t like (and my husband is picky!) I’ve tried heathy meal plans in the past and they required me to buy Ingredients that were. really expensive or that my family didn’t like. This plan is easy, convenient, has basic ingredients that we already use, and takes the stress out of meal planning! I’ve told alL my friends and family about it!

  74. Rosalie Farris (verified owner)

    I am really enjoying my healthy plan subscription. It has been fun to try new and simple and delicious recipes! It is helping me get back on track with my health and lose weight.

  75. JessicaJindra (verified owner)

    There are several recipes I have loved from six sisters but tonight , we grilled our favorite, the healthy pineapple. Thank you for the easy to follow weekly recipes!!

  76. Jennifer Sautter (verified owner)

    We are new to the healthy plan subscription and absolutely love it! Gone are the days I have to think about what to cook! It’s such a wonderful feeling! I’m still cooking for my family but everything else is already planned out for you (and my family has loved all the meals)! I wish I would’ve signed up long ago!

  77. Laurel Moyes (verified owner)

    These plans take all of the thought out of cooking for me. In less than 30 minutes I went online and ordered my groceries from the grocery list. I reserved a special shelf in my pantry for all of the menu items that I need for that week and now cooking delicious healthy meals at home is a million times easier for me to get done. I am saving so much money every week because we are not eating out.

  78. Melissa witte (verified owner)

    I just signed up and love the recipes and having everything planned. The price was very reasonable too!

  79. Cindy Lewis (verified owner)

    Second week and very excited to continue. The first weeks meals were all husband approved, and having the menu and recipes made it so easy for him to help prepare and me to not face the dreaded…”what can I help with for dinner” comment i would get as i walked in the door tired from work. We also did not eat out a single night and saved money for vacation. I also love the “remove” feature from the menu’s which also removes items from the shopping list, letting me customize our meals.

  80. Jan Beck (verified owner)

    I’ve been cooking everyday since March 7, 2020 because of COVID. I am tired of the same old recipes and so is my family. With Six Sisters Stuff, I get the recipes, shopping list and the recipes are easy to follow. I print them out and put them in my recipe binder and I never run out of different yummy recipes for my family! Thank you Six Sisters!

  81. Ann Achiu (verified owner)

    I just signed up after trying the trial week. The food was delicious and I loved not having to come up with a menu or especially a shopping list. Thank you ladies!

  82. Treana Hunt (verified owner)

    I love the easy recipes and the shopping lists! You have addressed everything I have found challenging about being the cook for my household- better late than never!

  83. Amanda Seliger (verified owner)

    I’ve loved all the recipes so far! they make the perfect amount for our smaller family. Everything tastes great and I love the simplicity of the recipes.

  84. Konni Anderson (verified owner)

    Six Sisters has made meals so easy. I love the shopping list. It makes my day go better with the great ideas for meals.
    Konni Anderson

  85. Amber Moos (verified owner)

    I just signed up for the Smaller Family Healthy Meal plan! I could not be happier with my decision! Each meal has been so tasty! My husband is very picky…so, I am always trying to find meals he will like. This makes my life so much easier! I get the shopping lists on Friday so that I have the weekend to shop and plan the meals. This has made my life more stress-free and I actually am starting to like to cook! My husband has been surprised at my new meals and how good they are! Thank-you for this resource!

  86. Becki Wright (verified owner)

    I love how these recipes are so easy, and I love the shopping lists! Grocery shopping and food prep just got so much easier! This is exactly what I needed!

  87. Megan Gleaves (verified owner)

    This has made meal planning easy and the food tastes sooooo good and the portion size is the perfect amount.

  88. Sydney Roeller (verified owner)

    I am loving the healthy meal plan! I recently had a baby so having the plan and grocery list already made is SO helpful. I also really love that I am learning to cook such a variety of healthy meals.

  89. Crystal Darland (verified owner)

    I get so excited on Fridays when my meal plans come. The food is delicious and easy to make and the handy grocery list is fabulous. Thanks so much Six Sisters for all the preparation you make easy for me. Also love your cookbooks too! Even more ideas to cook with.

  90. Paige Aranda (verified owner)

    Every single recipe that I’ve tried is DELICIOUS! I’ve loved not having to figure out what to make every single day and have my grocery list all written out too! I don’t see myself ever going back to planning it all on my own

  91. Jane Crane (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE these meal plans! I get so excited on Fridays when I can review my new meal plans. The food is easy to make, delicious and the grocery list is great for the store! My family loves it that we are out of the rut and trying new things! Thank you Six Sisters!!

  92. clippingers (verified owner)

    I am a full-time working mother of two and previously, I would spend hours planning a menu and making a grocery list. This SAVES me so much precious time. I have told all of my fellow Mom friends about it. I chose the Bundle plan so I can pick specifically what works best for my crew and pretty much all of the recipes have been delicious, easy and just generally reasonable. No crazy ingredients, no complicated steps. Easy peasy.

  93. Kim Bostley (verified owner)

    I got tired of paying for Weight Watchers and having to log every morsel of food I ate so I decided to buy the Six Sisters’ Healthy Eats Cookbook and enroll in the Healthy Meal Plan for pennies of what I was paying for Weight Watchers. I loved the simple, yet delicious recipes. you can even choose how many people you are cooking for. I picked the smaller family and the recipes feed 2-4 people.The shopping lists are wonderful because you can delete what you already have in your pantry and you can also delete recipes which you might not be interested in making; this in turn removes these ingredients from the shopping list! I am losing weight without having to log my food. I am feeding my body whole foods that are delicious. My husband is also losing weight and enjoying the recipes right along with me. I never had a sister, but now I have six…….

  94. Sherilyn Rasmussen (verified owner)

    My family thanks you so much for your delicious meal plans! Gone are the days of wondering what to make for dinner. Each of the recipes are simple, easy to make AND soooo good! My husband has made several while I have been gone but it is so easy to print up the recipe and leave it on the counter for him to follow. We chose the healthy small family plan and are busy and on the go a lot – so the easiness of the recipes makes it very enjoyable and saves us so much time. The shopping list makes it easy to find things at the store and cross off the many ingredients we already have. We rarely spend over $50 for an entire week of meals for 4 people. My daughter and her husband came to stay with us for a few days after I had already gone grocery shopping and it was simple to just add a little more to feed 2 more people while they were here without having to buy more. You have helped make dinner a wonderful family time and we are all so grateful and happy!!

  95. Lindsey Anne Mohlman (verified owner)

    This is such a great idea! I literally have no idea what to cook for dinner every single night thus the reason why we go out to eat about 5-6 times a week. But once we started this healthy meal planner, I have found that we only want to go out like twice a week, therefore saving us money as well as happening us to lose weight. I highly recommend it to anyone who is like me and doesn’t really know what to cook or what to shop for at the grocery store.

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