Smaller Family Plan

From: $8.00 / month

Serves 2 - 4

Smaller Family Plan

From: $8.00 / month

This menu plan will make dinnertime a breeze! We’ve reduced our most popular recipes to feed a smaller family of 2-4 people.

The Smaller Family Menu Plan includes:

  • A week at a glance
  • 6 main dish recipes
  • 2 side dish recipes
  • 2 dessert recipes
  • Detailed shopping list.

Product Description

The Smaller Family Menu Plan was created after we received many requests for a plan that feeds fewer people. With recipes that everyone in the family will love, this menu plan is a great fit for families with 2-4 people. Each Friday you’ll receive an email with your menu plan and shopping list.


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24 reviews for Smaller Family Plan

  1. Stefanie

    So excited I found this! It’s hard to find recipes that are practical for the entire family.

  2. Ashley (verified owner)

    I love that I can download the whole week’s plan into my phone – then when I am shopping I don’t need to worry about logging onto the website or email to find my list. So far the meals are easy, affordable, and most of all yummy! Thank you!

  3. Taylor (verified owner)

    So far this has been great! I don’t love meal planning, and this makes it 100% easier. I don’t follow the plan exactly, but so far I’ve been making dinner a lot more and I’ve LOVED every recipe that I’ve made so far. And my husband has loved them too, which means they really are stellar!

  4. Kari (verified owner)

    I love LOVE this. Not only has grocery shopping become less of a chore but I also spend less money on my weekly grocery store trips because I only get what I know I need. As a wife and mother I appreciate having one less thing to think about. Dinner is taken care of. No more searching for recipes and hoping I have the ingredients. Thank you, for helping me live more simply. I have told all my friends about this.

  5. LeeAnn (verified owner)

    This is the best purchase I have made. Being a working wife and mother sometimes it’s hard to come home from work and have to try to figure out what’s for dinner. Love that the hard work has already been done for me. My family has loved the meals and I love the easy recipes. Thanks six sister’s for helping me get to spend extra time with my family.

  6. Casey (verified owner)

    Just started my subscription and am looking forward to trying these recipes with the start of the busy school year. The recipes look simple to follow and with not too many ingredients. First glance, I wish there was a larger colored picture of the finished dish.

  7. Amy Reynolds (verified owner)

    I am SO happy with this meal plan. It has simplified my life so much. I am a few weeks in and so far I have loved every recipe. They are simple and delicious. I cannot recommend this service enough! I have been telling everyone I know.

  8. liz (verified owner)

    i love the recipes and the whole thing it makes my crazy life a little more easier and we get healthy meals (at least dinner) haha.thank you so much

  9. Patti (verified owner)

    I am beyond thrilled with my purchase! All the work of figuring out what’s for dinner and writing out a shopping list is gone from my chore list. I love Six Sisters recipes and own all their cookbooks, but now they get to be even more involved in my life on a daily basis because I will be singing their praises everyday at dinner time! Thank you for having a smaller family category because my husband and I are at the empty nester stage, so this is perfect for us.

  10. Spencer Pierce (verified owner)

    Absolutely life changing! I am a customer for life! Between this and online grocery shopping my life has become so much less hectic! With working full time and two kids this has had us eating at home every night and saving us so much time and money. Thank you six sisters!!!!

  11. Kayla (verified owner)

    I have loved this so much! I’ve recommended it to everyone I know. My husband and I love that the shopping list tells you exactly how much to buy, it saves us quite a bit of money. We are both teachers, and the less we have to plan, prep, and cook the better! Also, we have literally loved every single meal we have made, they are all so delicious. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this!

  12. Erica (verified owner)

    I LOVE THIS MENU PLANNING! I have been getting bored of my very few main dish recipes, and find myself pinning lots of recipes but never trying them. This menu plan not only made it SUPER easy to go grocery shopping and make sure you have ALL of the ingredients, but what I found was that it was so motivating to try something new since I knew I had all the ingredients for the whole week. I am a very picky eater, and not very adventurous but I truly haven’t had a recipe that I didn’t like. Several of the recipes are now part of our new family favorites! The recipes are very easy to follow, and I love that with the smaller family plan I do not have left overs for days. I usually have just the right amount or enough for lunch the next day. I also loved that I never felt like I had no motivation to make dinner since I didn’t know what to make. I always knew I had a plan. Thank you so much for the great recipes and menu plan and organized grocery list. I am bringing friends your way!

  13. Sheila (verified owner)

    Loving the Smaller Family Menu Plan. Also, have had the standard meal plan and the healthy plan in the past. Changed to the Smaller Family Menu Plan. Love all the plans. Also, love the videos posted that show the recipe being prepared. Thank you for a way to ease the stress of what to cook for dinner and stay away from that “fast food” which is not healthy and expensive.

  14. Tara Lynn

    I found this site randomly and man am I grateful! I am newly married and my husband and i are both in school full time and working full time. We are on the healthy small family plan and i seriously loveeee it. The meals are delicious and healthy! My husband is in construction and he isn’t a small person so making a meal that is healthy that fills him up is a feat, we have BOTH loved these meals. I love how easy the subscription program is. This is definitely worth 8 dollars a month. It has made me love cooking and healthy food again. The ingredients are often things i have at home (which is amazing since we are poor college students). I can not say enough good things. If you are looking to get your life in order and want easy good meals this is the place!

  15. megan.herlyn (verified owner)

    This meal plan is perfect and just what I needed! I love to cook but hate to meal plan and hate grocery shopping. So we inevitably end up eating out a lot just because I don’t plan ahead. But Six Sisters have made it easy and delicious! Last night I made Wisconsin Bacon and Potato Cheese Soup and my husband had 3 helpings!!!

  16. shelquist88 (verified owner)

    All I can say is wow! We have loved our menu plans and it has brought some excitement into our home about what is for dinner. I love how quick the prep is for most of the menu plans and I love the diversity! The ingredients and recipes are easy to find and easy to use. Overall we have been so impressed and it has been a great investment for our smaller family!

  17. andreajgibson (verified owner)

    Life changing!! I do not like to cook and I don’t like planning what to cook either! This program has made my evenings so much easier. I am a single mom with one teenage son at home and these recipes have been perfect for us. Simple ingredients, simple instructions, quick, and every single meal has been great! I have told so many people about this site. Forget all those expensive, weird ingredient made to order meals. Six Sisters is the way to plan and prepare dinner!

  18. Kylie barker (verified owner)

    I love these recipes! It has opened me up to trying lots of new things and my kids and my husband love them! I have been subscribed for a year and there are almost never any repeats, just lots of new, yummy recipes!

  19. peggidy (verified owner)

    I have been using this menu plan since March and we’re LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT! My husband is a super picky eater and he loves everything I make. We don’t do fish so for those recipes I just sub in a yummy recipe from a previous week. Makes my life so simple. We are self employed and work A LOT so this is super helpful. Keep those yummy recipe’s coming.

  20. Crystallwalk22 (verified owner)

    I love love this.. It works so great with my family. Thank you so much.

  21. patie29 (verified owner)

    I love having this meal plan. It makes grocery shopping and meal planning for my family easy each week. I don’t have to think about what we will be eating, and we don’t eat the same thing over and over again. All the recipes we have tried have been delicious, and I love that I can print my shopping list and go.

  22. ALISHA (verified owner)

    I’ve loved having easy to follow meal plans, detailed recipes and a concise shopping list sent to me each week. It makes shopping so much easier! I can prepare a meal for our busy family without standing in front of the fridge scratching my head.

  23. sarahhanks24 (verified owner)

    Honestly love this plan and menu. This makes my life so much easier and the recipes we have tried are usually very very good. Makes my shopping more organized and dinners easy.

  24. Lisa Jamerson (verified owner)

    Thank you for providing such easy to use diverse menu plans. It is hard to find menu plans where there is something for everyone. The grocery lists are easy to use.

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